4 Tips For Modern Minimal Design For An Open Concept Kitchen In An Older Historic Home

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If you have a historic home with outdated design for kitchens and bathrooms, you may want to begin with updating your kitchen. Since this is an area in most homes that is used frequently, an open concept is a good design style, but how do you preserve the historic look while updating the design? The following ideas will help you with historic kitchen renovations that preserve history and still give you an open concept using a minimalist and green design.

Opening Up the Kitchen and Reusing Available Materials to Add Decorative Details  

One of the renovations that you may want to do to improve your kitchen is removing walls or opening them with a pass-through feature. The problem when you do this in an historic home is that it often does not fit in with the rest of the design. To blend these features into the historic design, reuse old lumber materials or buy reclaimed materials to create false beams that look aged and blend in with the design of your home.  

Choosing Countertops and Kitchen Surfaces That Work Well with Historic Design  

The countertops of your kitchen are another area where you will want to consider improvements that match the historic design. There are options like stone materials such as granite and marble, which can be found in colors that match the interior design of your home. Another good option that works well in a historic renovation is wood countertops, which fit in with the older architectural styles and woodwork that may be in your home.  

Historic Woodwork and Cabinetry in Your Kitchen Design and New Period-Correct Materials for Renovations  

There is also the woodwork in a kitchen, which you will want to consider when you are doing renovations. When you are doing demolition to prepare for renovations, carefully remove moldings, trim, and other woodwork and clean it to be reused. You may also want to look for millworks that can supply you with replica moldings for your project. There are also the cabinets in your kitchen, which can be refaced to update them and restore them to their original condition. Talk with the cabinet service about helping with refacing other woodwork in your home to preserve its historic appearance.  

Options For Restoring and Installing Floors For  Your Home's Historic Kitchen Renovations  

The floors in your historic kitchen may be wood or old tile materials that need to be replaced. If you are replacing old wood floors, consider alternatives like composite floors made of vinyl, which are more water-resistant for kitchen remodeling projects.  

If you want to makeover a historic home with a modern kitchen, consider some of these ideas and a minimalist design when you get started. If you need help with restoring cabinetry and woodwork for your renovations, contact a cabinet service like 180Kitchens for help refacing cabinetry and restoring other woodwork in your home.